What you must do before launching your B2B E-commerce store

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What you must do before launching your B2B E-commerce store

Are you thinking of starting a b2b eCommerce store? Even if you aren’t, you should. Why? Well, B2B E-commerce is the next big thing. This industry is going tremendously. It has also been predicted that soon it will outstrip B2C E-commerce in terms of growth.

Before you launch your B2B E-commerce store, there are various things you must consider and do first. Here are some of the essential elements.

Look for a b2b wholesale platform

You can’t build a quality store without having its foundation very strong. How do you do so?  By choosing a b2b e-commerce solution that can support your store in an optimum way.

What is b2b platform? It is an online place where buyers and sellers carry out transactions. The top b2b platforms include Shopify b2b, Magento, and Netsuite. You might think that just because a platform is known to be good for b2c companies, it will be good for you. However, this is far from the truth.

Instead, b2b platforms are starkly different from b2c options. This is because the need for such stores is different. For example, b2b customers expect stores to have dynamic pricing. Therefore, quality b2b platform examples will be those that deliver such a feature. Decide what your priorities are in a platform. Conduct a b2b E-commerce platform comparison to find the best option. This is the first step to starting a b2b eCommerce store.

Do your research on your target audience

Before you launch your eCommerce store, make sure you research the market you are operating in well. B2B customers might be different from B2C. However, you can’t generalize all b2b customers either. One common mistake most companies make is overgeneralizing their target audience.

Before you launch your store, make sure you do thorough research about your customers’ needs and wants. What makes an online shopping experience perfect for them? What are the features they look for? What are the most significant issues they face?

Come up with a marketing plan

Just because you cater to businesses doesn’t mean you don’t need a marketing strategy. Remember, only 22% of total b2b companies have online stores. This should tell you that this not yet the norm. Therefore, customers are likely to not know about your store. You need to tell them. Having a sound marketing plan can allow you to create awareness.


Spend time during the initial stages before you launch your Ecommerce store. Rest assured that you will grow in due time.

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