Understanding the expectations of B2B E-commerce Customers

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Understanding the expectations of B2B E-commerce Customers

B2B E-commerce is growing at a tremendous rate. It is understandable why many now wish to tap into the industry. If you are planning to do, you must first understand your B2B eCommerce customers.

Your understanding of what your customers want will govern the type of b2b wholesale platform you choose. What is b2b platform? It is an online forum where products are sold and marketed among businesses. Among the top b2b platform, Shopify b2b is considered to be an excellent choice. Other b2b platform examples include Alibaba, NetSuite, and Magento. Each of these potions makes for a great b2b E-commerce solution. To identify which is the perfect platform for you, you must carry out a b2b E-commerce platform comparison. You must do so from your understanding of your customers, price, features, and support.

Here are three things customers are looking for in a B2B Ecommerce store.

Convenient site search

Remember, b2b buyers, are not like b2c buyers who are purchasing items in their leisure time. Instead, you are dealing with businesses that are hard-pressed on time. They look for stores that have a highly convenient search system. Make sure to invest in a platform that provides you with the following:

  • Keyword, category, and filtered searches. The keyword search should incorporate both technical and laymen jargon.
  • Autosuggest and other advanced features.

A fast buying experience

Keeping up with our point about b2b customers having limited time, the second thing they look for is a quick purchase experience. A platform that allows them to order the required products quickly is preferred. The features you should look for include:

  • Saved carts and purchase history for easy reordering.
  • The platform should be able to use CSV and excel files to detect orders.
  • The ability to deliver all the required content in an easily accessible manner.

Dynamic pricing

The B2B landscape is all about delivering the right price. The right price may differ from business to business. Customers expect you to have specialized pricing and take into account their purchase history. Hence, the platform should:

  • Have the ability to deliver customer-specific prices.
  • Offer cart approvals to ensure your customers keep track of their budget.


Understand the difference between b2b and b2c customers. You will be shocked to know how different they are.  Understanding your customers’ expectations allows you to decide which E-commerce platform is perfect for you. Do your research about b2b customers before launching your store.

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